[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop 5.10 For FreeBSD 10.2

Russell Haley russ.haley at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 04:05:52 UTC 2015


I just thought I'd send a progress update. Currently, I am stuck between
two different build methods for the "latest" MonoDevelop build. I have been
able to successfully build from github and create patches. However, the
existing ports Makefile (devel/monodevelop) uses the tarball method. My
github approach fails when attempting to build using the tarball method.

Cons of Github build:
- The github approach doesn't feel stable. The monodevelop branch naming in
git is all over the place and there are binaries in the externals download.

Cons of Tarball build:
- Have to figure out why it's failing too build. Seems to be issues with
LibGet2Sharp, again in the externals folder.

Other problems still outstanding:

1) kqueueEvent still causes crashes. An environment variable needs to be
set to use the managed filesystemwatcher
2) I have to build gtksharp20 twice. Once before the initial compile. Then
the Monodevelop build fails, I rebuild gtksharp20 and then Monodevelop
continues to build to success. WTF?
2.5) The build says it's for Linux. Boo!
3) I'm getting errors when trying to save the solution file. Not sure if
that's a MD bug, or a "me bug".

That's it. If anyone has any input, I'd love to have it.


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