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I'm sorry to say that Stetic is not all we would hope it could be, 
sometimes you just have to "Roll your own" button in the code. I have often 
used a eventbox or drawingarea to create a custom image button. it can be a 
pain but it doesn't require Stetic to make it work.
 Here are a couple of old examples that i have done, not my best work for 
sure but it may help you.

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The problem is... there doesn't seem to be any operating manual to use the
Stetic GUI Designer under Gtk# with C# for Monodevelop. There's one simple
tutorial... a thousand options, yet no manual.

Anybody ever seen a link to a Stetic Manual anywhere?


When I add an image file to the Project, then set the add an image to a
button (even a simple one-image image)... and add the image's Build Action
to 'EmbedResources', then create a 'More' icon with that image resource 
give it a name - it doesn't show the image in the button (either 
or when you compile it).

When I, instead of make a button, make an 'Image', then under 'Image
Properties' select a picture from the resources, it loads it and you can 
it; however, it doesn't seem to allow you to size PixBuf image. Can you 
the PixBuf image to resize itself automatically to fit the size of the 

When I click the Image box one more time it brings up the Window 
for the MainWindow... so that's not helpful to resize the png.

If I could resize the Image to fit the HBox, I could then set an Event of
'Pressed' to the image and it would almost be a button (although I really
want it to have a button-pressed image).

If there was a manual for the Designer, that certainly would help. Even 
you go to the Help menu and look at API Documentation, most of them say,
"Documentation for this section has not yet been entered".

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