[MonoDevelop] PNG Images for creating own Monodevelop Stock Icons

TheWind777 TheWind777 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 1 00:19:13 UTC 2015

I have monodevelop installed on a Raspberry PI Linux system...I have created
a Solution in Gtk# with C# and wish to create my own graphics for the
buttons.When I click on a button, pick 'Button Type', then 'Stock Button'...
then, under 'Stock Item' I do the drop-down menu and pick 'More'...I go to
'Project Icons' click 'Add'...QUESTION NUMBER 1:If I select 'Multiple source
icon' and pick two images... will that create an icon that, when you click
on the button, it shows the second image?QUESTION NUMBER 2:When I put the
PNG images in my Solution's root directory and pick them as the Select
Image... an icon shows that has the proper graphics for the PNG; but when
that same icon doesn't show on the button, itself. On the button it says the
Icon name I gave to it; but has no graphics on the button at all.Does the
imported PNG have to be a particular size or dpi?Currently my pngs are all
created in Photoshop 133 pixels wide x 113 pixels tall at 72 Pixels/InchDo
they have to be square, and some other pixel size, or a dpi other than 72
dpi in order to actually be placed on the button?Also... whenever I create a
Stock Image, then try and Compile the Solution... it always gives me an
error that it can't find the .png file. If I copy all of the PNG files to
the Debug folder (or Release folder if I have 'Release' selected)... then it
doesn't give me that error. Do I really have to manually copy all of the
images to the Debug folder, myself?The error I always get is:Failed to open
file '/home/pi/gtkwindowexample/gtkwindowexample/bin/Debug/./key0.png': No
such file or directoryMy guess would be... that /./ is the problem. I don't
know what the source is that /./ is defined as... but I'd guess it is
backing-up a certain number of folders to two directories before the Debug
folder. That is where the .png files are to be found.So, if /./ is anything
other than "/../../" then that is probably where the error is coming from
and why the png files aren't being copied to the Debug folder
properly.Anybody know anything about why this is occurring?

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