[MonoDevelop] RemotingException: Unix transport error running tests

Dan Liew dan at su-root.co.uk
Sat Feb 14 12:49:03 UTC 2015

On 13 February 2015 at 22:19, Matt Calder <mvcalder at gmail.com> wrote:
> List,
> I get a RemotingException: Unix transport error running tests. Googling
> around leads me to believe that this is because NUnit is failing somehow and
> MD is basically reporting that NUnit fell over. I don't have a lot of (any)
> experience running NUnit outside of MD. Is there a simple way to run NUnit
> in a way that is equivalent to what MD is doing so that I might see what
> errors result? Thanks,

You can use the NUnit runners. Mono ships with some of these (e.g.
nunit-console4) but unfortunately it ships with a really old version.
This might be the version you're already using in which case you can

$ nunit-console4 /path/to/your/tests.dll

If you want to use a newer version you can use nuget to get a newer version

$ mono nuget.exe install -Version 2.6.4 NUnit.Runners
$ mono NUnit.Runners.2.6.4/tools/nunit-console.exe

There's also a GUI NUnit client in the NUnit.Runners package

$ mono NUnit.Runners.2.6.4/tools/nunit.exe

Hope that helps.


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