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Petit Eric surfzoid at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 17:38:39 UTC 2014

I'm trying to learn ASP.Net, so in first, i have setup an ASP.Net server at
OVH and choose an Debian server + lighttpd.
I used MD and choice an ASP.NET template, the basic one, with the click
i deploy the Asp and files on the serveur , in /var/www/ASP/ directory,
setup in the mono.conf file of lighttpd the mono.root directory to
/var/www/ASP/ and the sample work very fine.
now, for the future, i need to have multiple ASP.Net web site, so if i move
the sample in /var/www/ASP/site1/ and like that i will can do
/var/www/ASP/site2, /var/www/ASP/site3 etc.
The sample don't work anymore, first it claim about few thing in the
web.config file, if i resolve this part, it claim about "

*Description: *Error parsing a resource required to service this request.
Review your source file and modify it to fix this error.

*Parser Error Message: *Cannot find type testASP.Global

*Source Error: *

Line 1: <%@ Application Inherits="testASP.Global" %>

*Source File: */var/www/ASP/testASP/Global.asax  *Lines: *1, 1"

i understand Global is an class of the testASP project, which is compiled
in the dll, but why the path are not relative from the project rather the
mono.root document variable?

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