[MonoDevelop] extending DotNetProject to edit XBuild/MSBuild

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 23:43:53 UTC 2014

Unfortunately there is no non-hacky way to do that right now. We're
planning to overhaul the project model to make this kind of thing easier in
the future.
On Mar 21, 2014 11:36 AM, "Anton Tayanovskyy" <anton.tayanovskyy at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> In a plugin I am creating a new Project class by subclassing from
> DotNetProject. I would like to do some editing of the generated
> "*.fsproj" on creation, in particular adding some Import statements.
> Sorry for probably a dumb question. The best I could come up with so
> far is trying to override .Save method, discovering project file path
> and manually editing it.
> Thanks,
> --A
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> Kind Regards,
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