[MonoDevelop] Xamarin Studio doesn't recognise VS2012 F# Profile47 projects, but xbuild does

Robin Neatherway robin.neatherway at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 12:10:42 UTC 2014


I am using Mono 3.2.7, F#, XS 4.3.3 on OS X.

I am trying to open an F# project targeting Profile47, example here:

This project contains
<TargetFrameworkProfile>Profile47</TargetFrameworkProfile>. I can
build it from the command line with xbuild and it correctly references
the right versions of mscorlib and includes the whole framework as
implicitly as it should.

When I am trying to make sure that the F# addin supports editing these
PCL projects I have found that the type of the project is just
DotNetProject rather than PortableDotNetProject, unless I include the
project type guid:

As xbuild is detecting it correctly without the guid, it would be good
if monodevelop also could. The TargetFrameworkProfile should be

If it is not detected correctly, the GetReferencedAssemblies returns
the wrong information to the F# addin and rich editing (completions,
tooltips etc) is not available.


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