[MonoDevelop] Query about how to merge and save two overlapping images in one image.

ravi shanker yadav ravi123shanker.yadav at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 07:16:13 UTC 2013

I have made a window containing a Fixed container with two images .Here
both images are dynamically set Images using Pixbuf. The two Images are
overlapping . Like a frame and image . How can I merge these images in one
Image and save to the file system?

My code is :

*image1.Pixbuf = global::Gdk.Pixbuf.LoadFromResource ("TryNew.images1.jpeg");
frame1.Pixbuf = global::Gdk.Pixbuf.LoadFromResource ("TryNew.frame1.jpeg");*

Please help me I am new to this .
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