[MonoDevelop] Tooltips im completion list

Егор Харват zaynyatyi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 15:48:57 UTC 2013

I'm porting haxebinding plugin for monodevelop from 3.0 version to 4.0
i'm adding items to completion list just like this:
list.Add (new HaxeCompletionData (name, icon, FormatType (name, type) +
FormatDocumentation (documentation)));
HaxeCompletionData has overriden method
 public override TooltipInformation CreateTooltipInformation (bool smartWrap
            TooltipInformation tmpTooltip = new TooltipInformation ();
            tmpTooltip.SummaryMarkup = "tmp Summary";
            tmpTooltip.SummaryMarkup = "tmp Signature";
            tmpTooltip.FooterMarkup = "footer tmp";
            return tmpTooltip;
but  i'm still getting
I just want to see tooltip like

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