[MonoDevelop] Xamarin Studio freezes when selecting a .net solution or project

Guido Van Hoecke guivho at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 21:33:33 UTC 2013

I need to modify one of the projects of an old .net solution developed
with MonoDevelop and previously edited and released from within
Xamarin Studio.

When I open he solution and just select any one of the projects (I
mean merely click on its name) Xamarin Studio hangs: the spinning disc
keeps spinning. Same result when selecting the solution name.

Maybe it is msbuild.exe that is hanging, although I never started a
build. But I do see two xamarin tasks: the studio app and msbuild.exe:

63369 /Applications/Xamarin Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/XamarinStudio
63384 /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/3.2.0/bin/mono

Using the XS for iOS targets works fine.

I detected this problem after having switched to OSX Maverick, but it
might have been present without being detected before this upgrade.

Any suggestions about how to tackle this problem?


(copy of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19882175/xamarin-studio-freezes-when-selecting-a-net-solution-or-project)

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