[MonoDevelop] Vala add-in for MonoDevelop 4.0.13

cristopher Ismael Sosa Abarca cristopher7sosa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 00:59:20 UTC 2013

Grettings, i'm new in this of MonoDevelop 4.0.13 (Always was used the
now-obsolete 2.4 versions).

Since 2.x versions of MonoDevelop was available an option or add-in for
Vala support, but now i'm find it's not available for the stable version 4
of monodevelop, in a little quick google search i find the GitHub
repository that hosted the Vala Add-in for these versions but seems need
rebuild from source, i'm mean download the whole repository to do this, and
my question is a prebuilt add-in for Vala projects?, i searched in the
Extension Manager of MonoDevelop but only i see for D, F# and Haxe


XUbuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander, x86_32 microprocessor, Mono and MonoDevelop
installed from Open Build Service of OpenSUSE.
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