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Robert Plummer robertleeplummerjr at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 00:25:10 UTC 2013

Hey Guys,
I've been a .net developer for 5 years, took a break for nearly 3 (Into
php, and javascript heavily), and now I'm back.  I loaded up MonoDevelop
back when it was just started, and at that time I was quite disappointed.
In fact, I feel like the company who's project that Mono mirrors is
terrible, and the default development environment was both ugly, slow, and
the operating system...  Well, this isn't a rant about that.  Anyway, I've
been more involved in the open source community for the last 3 years,
working on projects like Jison's port to php, working on TIki (wiki cms
groupware), and a host of other projects.  May I just say, I love c#, what
a beautiful language. Before venturing into the open source world, I did a
Google search for "Visual Studio for Linux" (at the time I was
experimenting with Ubuntu 8), and I found this
and at first believed it.  I thought to myself, holy sknikeys batman!!!
Microsoft did something cool!
Then I saw it was an April fools joke...
It took weeks to recover....
Jump forward 3 (or 4) years.  I've been working to port Jison to
is a port of Bison and Flex, which is a port of Yacc and Lex :) )
and I have copied and pasted the source into MonoDevelop, and... It didn't
blow up!  I thought, Hey that is cool, 1 language, multi platforms,
finally, all I need to do is just port the solution files over...  Well
today I opened up the solution in MonoDevelop because my Windows machine
wouldn't even install Visual Studio...  Not only did it work, it IS EVEN
BETTER THAN VISUAL STUDIO!  Simple, pure, and fun to use.  Everything
compiled fine.  And the 4.0 interface, owe momma, it is all the look and
feel of a Macintosh, without the pompous platform and rigidity behind it.

Guys, give yourselves a pat on the back.  It has taken years, but finally,
my beloved dream has come true.  Visual Studio (MonoDevelop), on Linux.
Woot Woot!

Robert Plummer
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