[MonoDevelop] More errors using Mono for VB

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 12:37:47 UTC 2013

Unfortunately MonoDevelop's VB support is not actively developed, and it
does not have a code completion parser (required by the GTK# designer).
On Jun 25, 2013 11:07 AM, "Marty" <mmcg29440 at frontier.com> wrote:

> I finally created a  GTK2# project using the vb language setting.
> First I got a warning "Project has different tools version than the
> containing solution"
> Tried to run the basic app and it did not run. I think that it should have
> opened an empty window  but got 8 warnings and one error.
> The fatal error is:
> /home/marty/Documents/RDL_**Report_Formatter/RDL_Report_**Formatter/MyWindow.vb(17,17):
> Error VBNC30451: Could not resolve the name 'Window' (VBNC30451)
> (RDL_Report_Formatter)
> Also I find I cannot add or edit a vb form. This is an essential function
> that appears to be missing! I find it in C++/C# versions.
> Can I write VB apps, with forms,  to run on my linux box with this tool?
> That's what I need.
> All help is appreciated.
> Marty
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