[MonoDevelop] Changing vi-mode key mappings in Xamarin Studio/MonoDevelop

Dustin Jerome dustyjerome at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 05:26:28 UTC 2013

After many unsuccessful Google attempts to find the answer, I've come here.
I'm beginning to tinker around with C# game development using MonoGame, and
trying to find a good IDE. What I miss the most is the efficiency with
which I could code using VIM in a Linux environment.

I enabled the vi-mode in Xamarin Studio, and feel it would be sufficient if
I could just find a way to remap some keys. For example, instead of hjkl
for navigation, I like to use "jkl;". I also have a few other ease-of-use
mappings, such as "jj" mapping to ESC, mostly because I'm lazy.

I checked Tools>Options>Key bindings, but this doesn't contain anything
relevant to vi-mode.

A stackoverflow posting pointed me to the following xml
file: C:\Users\Dusty\AppData\Roaming\XamarinStudio-4.0\KeyBindings\Custom.kb.xml,
but there isn't much in there to help, and I can't find any documentation
on what commands do what.

Or maybe I'll just break down and actually use VIM...

Thank you for any assistance you can throw my way.

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