[MonoDevelop] version issues

Chris Root hammer65 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 17:28:06 UTC 2013

I want to use a plugin for monodevelop called dmono that supports the D
programming language. It requires more up to date versions of mono (2.10.9
or higher) then is available through the packages (2.10.8) for the newest
versions of either Fedora or Ubuntu provide. I compiled the newest version
of mono (3.0.12) on both the Ubuntu machine and Fedora VM and when I go to
compile the newest monodevelop (4.0.9) it can't find the mono install I
just made. What am I supposed to do here? I just want to get to coding and
using the software. Instead I am once again in dependency hell and joining
this list seems like the last resort. I have some Linux skills but
apparently not enough to know instinctively what to do here. How is it that
there is not even a warning about this anywhere that I can see on the
monodevelopment web site when surely I'm not the only one who has run into
this issue in the time period between release of mono 2.10.8 and 3.0.12?
Let alone some sort of walk through if you want to use this on one of these
OSs. is there a Linux distro I can use in a VM that supports these new
versions through packages? Or am I doomed to some sort of jury rigged setup
to make this work?
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