[MonoDevelop] Custom code generation tool

Michael Powell mwpowellhtx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 12:19:37 UTC 2013


I was reading that awhile back MD wasn't capable of running any custom code
generation tools. Has that changed since MD 3.x?

What we've got is some Xml-based "widget" specifications that I'd like to
generate the code behind and design files.

What we would start off with is something like this:

<widget /> in a file called MyWidget.wxml. The tool should generate the
design and code behind code like this: MyWidget.cs and MyWidget.Designer.cs
and if it could show a rendered designer too, that would be handy.

Project-wise, the code would need to land in the expected project places,
as sub-items to the MyWidget.wxml node.

Not unlike what we might expect in the Visual Studio world, only for MD.

Thank you...


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