[MonoDevelop] Syntax Highlighting - operators:

Mike Krüger mkrueger at xamarin.com
Wed Jan 23 11:13:13 UTC 2013

They're missing in CSharpSyntaxMode.xml

The colors should be changeable in text.punctuation - but you're the 
first one asking for that :/

I added them to the syntax mode file (unfortunately it requires a code 
fix because they're delimiters :/) - it'll take a while before we 
officially release that - but it's now added.

I've the category text.punctuation and text.punctuation.brackets - do 
you need it more fine grained ?

> Using MonoDevelop
> I set up a custom syntax highlighting scheme. There are SO MANY setting
> but I finally got it the way I like, except for operators: ".", ";",
> "=", "+", etc.
> Every IDE I've used had an option to show them in a specific designated
> color - very important to me when I scan code. But I cannot find the
> right option setting in MonoDevelop. How do I do this?
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