[MonoDevelop] Instructions to Create Windows or Mac Executables

Jeff Stedfast jeff at xamarin.com
Tue Jan 15 15:14:15 UTC 2013

Hi Robbie,

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 12:49 AM, Robbie <Robbie at liben.net> wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks again for the help. I'll look in to what problems there might be
> with
> my .net installation. I've rerun the v.4.0 installer, and it thinks
> everything is OK. However, I suppose it could be a .dll from an earlier
> version of .net that is missing. I googled it and found that MSVCR90.dll is
> associated with Visual Studio 2005 or VS 2008. So it could be an older
> version of .net that's corrupted. I'm downloading VS 2008 right now.

Sounds plausible.

> On the Mac, I don't see an appropriate menu item. When you say "there was a
> menu item to package up a .app.", do you mean the Create Package item in
> the
> Project menu?

Yes, I think that's the menu item.

> (I'm still a newbie!) When I try that, the only target
> platforms listed are Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Right, because you'll only get the Mac packaging options for MonoMac-based
projects (you won't see them for standard C# project types).

> The only configurations
> listed are Debug|x86 and Release|x86. I don't see anything about MonoMac.
> Is
> there some other add-on I need to add?

MonoMac is a project type, not a build configuration.

Create a new project and select "MonoMac" in the list on the left in the
New Project dialog. On the right, choose the appropriate project template.

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