[MonoDevelop] NuGet Addin

Matt Ward ward.matt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 18:48:08 UTC 2013


I spent a bit of time porting SharpDevelop's NuGet addin over to MonoDevelop.

You can use it to add, remote or update NuGet packages. It adds a
Manage Packages dialog similar to what Visual Studio and SharpDevelop
has. Right click the project or solution and select Manage NuGet
packages to open it the dialog. In MonoDevelop's options there is a
NuGet category where you can configure NuGet package sources.

The addin has been tested on:

OpenSuse 12.2 and Windows 7
Mono 2.10.9
MonoDevelop 3.0.5

It uses a slightly modified version of NuGet.Core.dll, based on
NuGet's mono-build branch. NuGet.Core.dll needs the mono-wcf and
mono-winfxcore packages.

The addin is currently a beta release. The UI needs some more work,
paging for example is not yet implemented, amongst other things.

Source code is available on GitHub:


I tried to use the main MonoDevelop addins repository but the build
server seems to be missing the mono-wcf and mono-winfxcore packages
used by NuGet.Core so the build fails. For now I have setup an addin
repository on GitHub:


Most of the SharpDevelop code was used unchanged so I hope to share
the core parts between SharpDevelop 5 and MonoDevelop.


Matt Ward

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