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Thu Feb 21 10:20:29 UTC 2013

El 21/02/2013, a las 09:03, Federico Di Gregorio <fog at dndg.it> escribió:

> First of all kudos for the great work. Then I have two questions:
> 1) was the "where am I in the file" information removed? I used that
> (like number, column, selection length) a lot and I just can't find it
> anymore.

That information is gone for now.

> 2) When enabling the source code analysis there are now two scrollbars
> instead of one. The "analysis" one seems to still work (I can click,
> drag and so on) so why don't just remove the other one?

We'll probably review this. We still consider code analysis to be an experimental feature, so we haven't focused much on it for this release.

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