[MonoDevelop] Problem running application from monodevelop 2.2 on monodevelop 2.8

Leonel Arroyo arrozevleo at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 03:43:22 UTC 2013

I'm trying to run an application made with monodevelop 2.2 on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, when I load the application in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with monodevelop 2.8 shows two warnings:

/home/leo/Escritorio/appDatos/appDatos/gtk-gui/gui.stetic: Warning: The requested feature is not implemented. (appDatos)

/home/leo/Escritorio/appdatos/appDatos/gtk-gui/MainWindow.cs(24,24): Warning CS0108: `MainWindow.Action' hides inherited member `Gtk.Widget.Action'. Use the new keyword if hiding was intended (CS0108)

Also when you changed any form (eg. when I add some component (entry, combobox, label, etc.) by the designer), compiles without problems. The problem is that the changes are not made when I run the application,it is as if the previous application compile discarding the changes that I made.

Someone have any suggestions on how to fix the problem, or maybe someone did the same problem.

Thanks for any help.


Leoniel Arroyo.

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