[MonoDevelop] MonoGame & Wave Engine Mac template issue

Marcos Cobeña Morián mcobena at plainconcepts.com
Tue Dec 17 12:08:00 UTC 2013


Doing some templates for Wave Engine on Mac, we've encountered an issue which also happens with MonoGame's ones: when you run a project created through the template the app just hangs and never executes. It was described here with no success (at least from our point of view):


We think have the point why it doesn't work: the project template (.xpt.xml) references a project type which depends on "MonoMac":

<Project name = "${ProjectName}" directory = "." type = "MonoMac">

which's different from the Project and ProjectBinding one created to perform the manual copy of references:

public class WaveEngineProjectBinding : IProjectBinding

        public string Name {
            get { return "WaveEngine"; }

so it's normal that the custom code never gets executed, so the assemblies are never copied to the output, so the app doesn't run.

The thing is: does anyone know a workaround for this? We've been thinking here the chance to create a Project and ProjectBinding which inherits MonoMac one, is it possible? Maybe any other approach?

Whatever help is really appreciated. Take into account fixing this also helps MonoGame guys -which by the way rock! :-)

Thanks in advance,

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