[MonoDevelop] We're hiring mono developers

Matt Calder mvcalder at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 12:01:31 UTC 2013

I assume it is OK to post recruiting messages to the list. See below for
the details, but as a quick summary: We are actively hiring. Our primary
development platform is mono + monodevelop. We are located in Boston with
presence in New York and San Francisco. We are looking for full time
employees, not contract hires. Please feel free to reply directly to me if
you are interested or have questions.


Lightkeeper is a small, growing technology company that builds software to
help investors visualize, analyze, and ultimately better understand
portfolio data.  We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join
our team, improve our product, and help grow our company.

Our developers work on interesting problems every day ranging from data
scale, caching, storage, calculation and presentation. Portfolio data is
complex and our goal is to present it in a simple, easy to consume fashion
that makes our users better informed.

A good fit for our team is someone who can adapt and contribute to
different areas of the system depending on the need. Lightkeeper is
developed using both static and dynamic languages, combining the best of
the open source world with custom developed solutions to domain specific

• BA/BS degree
• 3-5 years of industry experience
• Knowledge of at least one modern programming language
• Familiar with working on large data sets and associated tools

*About Lightkeeper*:
Lightkeeper <http://ww.lightkeeper.com/> is an innovative and easy-to-use
portfolio analytics tool for investment professionals. Intuitively access
your portfolio in one easy-to-use platform: P&L, risk, liquidity,
attribution, contribution, and exposure metrics. Instead of relying on
static reports, Lightkeeper takes your portfolio and makes it visual,
interactive, and mobile.
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