[MonoDevelop] What is needed to run XSP as a standalone server?

John English john.foreign at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 18:13:06 UTC 2013

I'm trying to setup a minimal copy of XSP for students to use in an ASP.NET 
intro course. The idea is to give them something they can put on a memory stick, 
use in labs and take home to work on which is agnostic about OS or compiler 
(most use Windows but not all). I did a similar thing previously for JSP with a 
zipped copy of Jetty, which worked splendidly.

I have Mono 2.10.9 installed on Windows, and can successfully run XSP directly 
from the installation. However, the executable (xsp2.exe) is in 
lib\mono\2.0\winhack, and the server environment is in lib\xsp\test. I want to 
create a directory containing a minimal set of files (xsp2.exe, xsp.exe.config, 
Mono.WebServer2.dll, and whatever else is needed) which I can zip up and give to 
the students for them to add their own .aspx files to. I tried copying xsp2.exe 
to lib\xsp\test as a starting point and running it there. However, all I got was 
a "File Not Found" exception for Mono.WebServer2.

I copied Mono.WebServer2.dll across, and then got the same for Mono.Security. 
When I copied Mono.Security.dll, the error refers to Mono.WebServer2 "or one of 
its dependencies" (without telling me which one).

Can anyone tell me what I need as a minimal setup please?

John English

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