[MonoDevelop] Importing old syntax highlight colour schemes?

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 19:47:02 UTC 2013

On 11/04/13 10:40, Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
>> It was Style Eclipse (http://studiostyl.es/schemes/style_eclipse).
>> I've done lots of Java dev at work and while it isn't the greatest
>> scheme, I find it far less eye burning or eye straining than the
>> available options. I have hit a few bugs and crashes that I need to
>> report, though, so it might be related.
> The style worked for me. What was the problem with it ?

I think it mis-named it (just gave it the default name) and wouldn't let 
me select it. I had tried to import an old MD theme first and had a few 
other problems with the profile, so I've deleted the profile directory 
since then.

>> I wasn't thinking of overrides across themes, just within themes. If I
>> say my base colour is #000000 instead of the default #444444 then I
>> don't want to have to go through every single token that uses #444444
>> and set it to black as well.
> There is fallback to "Plain Text" - but to plain text only.

Either I did something out of order, or it wasn't obvious then. I 
created a new theme (based on the MD default) and I had to change 
everything from #444444 to #000000.

>> If I could enable (say) the colouring of strings then I could choose
>> whether to have them the default or a custom colour, and if it was the
>> default then it'd change as well whenever I changed the base colour.
>> Similarly, if there was a base "all strings" option and then I could
>> enable a custom colour for "C# @ verbatim strings" or disable it and
>> let it fall back to the default (which could change and verbatim
>> strings would change automatically).
>> I understand if VS.Net limits what you can do in some areas, but it
>> just feels like "specify everything so that you have to change
>> everything" isn't the best way to go.
> But it's easier to add new colors - because I can't break the fallback
> mechanism.

As long as all of the colours were added as leaf nodes (i.e. always 
inheriting from Plain Text or from a current leaf node) then I wouldn't 
expect the fallback to break. If you inserted something in the middle of 
an inheritance hierarchy then you'd get different behaviour before and 
after the addition, but that's different.

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