[MonoDevelop] Importing old syntax highlight colour schemes?

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Wed Apr 10 18:48:18 UTC 2013

On 10/04/13 07:19, Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
>> I actually tried one of the studiostyl.es colour schemes as well (one
>> that didn't either burn or strain my eyes, which is surprisingly
>> tricky to find!) but it didn't seem to import correctly.
> Which one did you try ?

It was Style Eclipse (http://studiostyl.es/schemes/style_eclipse). I've 
done lots of Java dev at work and while it isn't the greatest scheme, I 
find it far less eye burning or eye straining than the available 
options. I have hit a few bugs and crashes that I need to report, 
though, so it might be related.

>> I don't know if there's room for change (and I think I might have
>> mentioned this before) but I think Eclipse do the colour system quite
>> well - you can enable and disable colour overrides for certain classes
>> of token and if you disable it then it'll fall back to the default.
> Hard. Atm I think a simple scheming style is better when adding new
> colors. The color overrides we had caused more harm than good.

I wasn't thinking of overrides across themes, just within themes. If I 
say my base colour is #000000 instead of the default #444444 then I 
don't want to have to go through every single token that uses #444444 
and set it to black as well.

If I could enable (say) the colouring of strings then I could choose 
whether to have them the default or a custom colour, and if it was the 
default then it'd change as well whenever I changed the base colour.

Similarly, if there was a base "all strings" option and then I could 
enable a custom colour for "C# @ verbatim strings" or disable it and let 
it fall back to the default (which could change and verbatim strings 
would change automatically).

I understand if VS.Net limits what you can do in some areas, but it just 
feels like "specify everything so that you have to change everything" 
isn't the best way to go.

>> Are MD colour schemes going to be sharable and re-usable? I'd be more
>> than happy to share my colour scheme once it is done, but as
>> studiostyl.es is for VS.Net then I can't share it with others there.
> Yes why not ?

The blog post seemed to imply that import wasn't stable yet. Also, 
someone needs to set up a site to host them, I guess, since StudioStyles 
is MS-centric.

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