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Michael - 

Many thanks for your reply, unfortunately, I am still having issues.   I changed the font display for the entire project to a UTF-16 font (AppleGothic) and my characters appeared just fine.   

So far so good.  Now, the next step was to display my characters on the iPad.  I verified that AppleGothic is a standard iPad font.  My objective is to overlay my UTF-16 characters onto an image.  I create the UIGraphics context, perform a "SelectFont" using "AppleGothic", a point size and with CGTextEncoding set to "FontSpecific"  I see nothing.   Obviously, my characters exist in that font, as I can now see them in the code window.  When I change the encoding to the incorrect "MacRoman", I see little boxes where my characters should be.

What do I need to do to ensure that UTF-16 characters are displayed as part of a UIGraphics object? 


On Mar 26, 2012, at 5:15 PM, Michael Hutchinson wrote:

> On 26 March 2012 17:38, Megan Clodfelter <megan.clodfelter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi-
>> I'm new to MonoDevelop, but not new to .NET development.  I have a C#
>> project with UTF-16 characters, that appear not to be interpreted within
>> MonoDevelop.
>> One of the .cs files in my Project is of UTF-16 encoding, and that
>> MonoDevelop does not display the characters in the code window, nor will it
>> print out the contents of those character strings.  I dropped that file from
>> that included project and re-added it, but was not given the option to add
>> my file with encoding.
>> The only place where I saw I could add a file with encoding was in the Open
>> dialog; but that that didn't appear to work either.
>> I can take my Windows C# file, cut and paste the characters into BBEdit and
>> save on my Mac with encoding set as: UTF-16.  I then locate the file in the
>> Finder and the characters are as I expect.  With the Mono Development
>> environment open, I navigate to my file, select Encoding to "UTF-16" and
>> select Open.
>> I don't see my characters. I see an empty box where the character should be.
>> What are the tips and tricks for getting UTF-16 characters to display and
>> print as part of an included project in MonoDevelop?  I'm just not seeing
>> it.
>>  I am on version
> Most likely this isn't an issue with detecting/loading UTF16, but
> rather with *displaying* it. There was a longstanding bug in Pango,
> the text rendering library used by MonoDevelop, that caused it not to
> handle font fallbacks - i.e. if the main font didn't contain the glyph
> for a given character, it wasn't able to fall back to another font for
> that glyph. It's often possible to work around this by changing the
> text editor font to one that has glyphs for all the characters you
> care about.
> The *Mono* 2.10.9 beta contains a new version of Pango (among other
> things) that supports font fallbacks on Mac - I suggest you try that.
> -- 
> Michael Hutchinson
> http://mjhutchinson.com

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