[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop Nunit question (similar topic to earlier question)

robwilkens at gmail.com robwilkens at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 00:56:50 UTC 2012

This does not answer the earlier nunit question, but it's a related 
question I have...

I downloaded NUnit for .net 2.0 binary file (dll) - version (had 
to dig around nunit's website to find the download), then ran gacutil -i 
nunit.core.dll and gacutil -i nunit.framework.dll to install them in the 
global assembly cache..  That much seemed to work ok (no errors)...  I 
needed this to build another project I'm trying that i didn't write...

Then I set my project type in monodevelop to .net 2.0 ..

Then I went to edit references....

But even though I registered the nunit .net 2.0 v2.4.8.0 files, 
nunit.core and nunit.framework were not listed under 'all' in 
monodevelop v2.8.6.3 if i set project type to mono/.net 2.0...

At first I thought this was an ubuntu issue, so i asked at 
ubuntuforums.org programmer forum.   But now i'm not so sure it's not a 
monodevelop issue.  Or if i'm the issue (most likely) in that i'm doing 
something wrong.

BTW, Thanks for the earlier pointers on my question about cross-platform 
issues.  I received at least one answer which worked well enough, and 
the other answer got me further along my path.


p.s. If you're wondering, i'm trying to play with the source to 
f-spot..  I can build it now from the command line with make and it runs 
fine, but with monodevelop (it comes with a .sln file and a README on 
what to do beforehand) I get the nunit errors when i try to build from 

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