[MonoDevelop] Cross Platform Issues - Dummy program - Win/Linux

robwilkens at gmail.com robwilkens at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 00:45:45 UTC 2012


I built a very simple test program in monodevelop (gtk# application) 
which just has a vertical box and a label...

I built it twice actually, once in monodevelop for Windows and once in 
Monodevelop for Linux (Ubuntu)..  Took about a minute and a half to 
figure out the first time i did it, and under 30 seconds the second time.

The version i built on Linux Monodevelop will run fine on Linux, but 
when i run it in Windows (version: 8 Consumer Preview), it fails to run 
(i solved the first problem which is that gtk-sharp wasn't installed)-- 
It's not that it crashes now, it just doesn't display a window and as 
far as i can tell it dies as quick as it runs with no indication as to why.

But the version i built in Windows Monodevelop (without mono, i believe) 
runs as an .exe in both Windows and Linux (from both systems i can run 
the .exe monodevelop built).

Does this mean I have to use Windows to build my project?  Is this an 
issue most likely with monodevelop or more likely is it an issue with 
the mono compiler itself (versus the microsoft compiler, which 
monodevelop in windows probably uses).

Again, I presume Windows has the gtk# prerequisites now because the gtk# 
app i built in Windows ran fine in Windows.

Anyone here willing to lend a hand?  I am a monodevelop newbie, I have 
an app (for me only, will never see the light of day for anyone else, it 
would be useless) that i wrote in visual studio that i'd like to port to 
mono and gtk# to make it cross platform.


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