[MonoDevelop] MAC after Monodevelop install X11 connection from client no longer works

andy dancer at axelrod.plus.com
Fri Jun 1 09:24:46 UTC 2012

Slight improvement but still problems.

If I start X11 on the mac then *after* that do xhost + on the client I 
can display clients ok.  If I restart X11 I must do the xhost + again 
even if there has been no delay - and starting a client will no longer 
start X11 on the mac.  Seems to me I must have unintentionally updated 
an X11 library somewhere.  I was also re-installing/updating stuff with 
Macports at the same time - its possible its not a Monodevelop feature. 
  Any ideas how I can revert the behaviour ?
There isn't much in the X11 prefs I can change.

I have a backup that's a couple of weeks old so I can check which X libs 
have changed but I can't get access to it until the weekend as I'm not 
home right now.


> On a mac.
> I develop on virtual machines such as ubuntu and don't run window
> managers on them but when I need to I do an "xhost +" on the mac and run
> X11 clients displaying on there. Since installing Monodevelop this no
> longer works - attempts to start a client displaying on the mac X11 give
> "Xt error: Can't open display: %s". Checked X11 security preferences -
> no probs there.
> This is a bit of a disaster for me as it prevents me from working - can
> anyone help ?
> My guess is either Monodevelop has changed a setting in some preference
> place or that its finding something belonging to Monodevelop earlier in
> the path but these are only guesses.
> Complete panic - can't revert to backup, too much work since.
> andy
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