[MonoDevelop] Code competition

Ventsislav Mladenov ventsislav.mladenov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 15:32:41 UTC 2012

  The good code completion changes completely the development
  Code completion in MonoDevelop has some good features it's look like
Visual Studio intellisense, but when you try Eclipse's or Resharper's
code completion you will not want to go back. 

1. There should be a priority in suggestions: 
  1. local variables
  2. class members: properties, fields, methods
  3. Snippets - I put snippets on 3th place, because usually they have
short names: prop, if, for and with few strokes I can get them.
  4. class names

Usually it is more likely to use variable or property instead of class
name. For example: 
I have variable with name client. 
1. First I type 'c' - the suggestion is "catch" key word - why the hell
i get catch i don't even have try statement. 
2. type 'cl' - the suggestion is class snippet - here I'm going to jump
from 7th floor of our office building. I'm in a method - Can I create a
class in a method body ?
3. On a third key press i get my desired client variable.

P.S. The visual studio suggestions are the same, but the Resharper's
intellisense gives me "client" variable on the first key stroke. 

2. Competition in some debug screens:
  1. Immediate pad.
  2. Expression Evaluator
  3. Breakpoint condition.

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