[MonoDevelop] I´m going insane!

Kristin dalkulla21 at yahoo.se
Tue Jan 17 15:54:41 UTC 2012


Okey, here´s the deal: I have a Tiger (10.4.11).

I´m downloading the latest version of MD, installing...
Then it says that it needs framwork 2.10.4 or later..

So I download, install.. And I still cannot open DM.
Is it impossible to run it on my Tiger? I´m used to
getting a error when I try to install, something like
"you can´t install this version on this version of OS X".
So I´m a bit confused atm!

Tried yesterday to download a bunch of stuff, but no.

I´ll provide a screenshot.

Hope to get some help. :)

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