[MonoDevelop] Building a released version of MD for Windows with solutions?

Doug Blank doug.blank at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 15:21:12 UTC 2012

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 10:03 AM, Michael Hutchinson
<m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Maybe I am confused, but I can't find the solutions for building a
>> released version of MonoDevelop for Windows.
>> It seems like the Source Code section here:
>> http://monodevelop.com/Download
>> cannot directly be used under Windows as the solution files are
>> missing. It builds nicely under Linux with make.
>> On the other hand, the Trunk Builds from that same page contain
>> everything, including solution files.
>> I am really only interested in the Mono.Texteditor solution, and it
>> exists in the Trunk Build, but not in the Source Code for a release.
>> Is there a way to build the solution from a release source code? Or a
>> separate place to get the solutions for a release?
> Check out the release tag from git. I think github will even generate
> zip files on demand...

Yes, thank you! Apparently, these are found under the "Branches" tab
at github and can be found at URLs such as:


Click "Download" to get a .zip or .tgz file.

Someone should update:

Or even replace the current link with the above. I tried to make an
account there:


but the captcha doesn't show.


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