[MonoDevelop] Git and SVN on MonoDevelop

William Brown william.e.brown at adelaide.edu.au
Wed Feb 15 10:27:19 UTC 2012


>> Creating a new generic project with a solution, I can "Import existing files". This appears to work, but MonoDevelop won't pick up the SVN or GIT repositories that exist for these directories, and that the version control features don't work.
> MonoDevelop doesn't do anything specific to checked out directories. It it detects that a solution is placed inside a directory which is under version control, and the solution and project files are checked in, then the version control command will be available. If that doesn't work for you maybe you have a special directory structure which is not supported by MD or there is a bug somewhere.

Monodevelop can see, and has access to the top level .git and .svn folders, yet the version control integration does not work. Monodevelop says that there is no version control for this project.

>> Secondly, trying to checkout a fresh copy of the repository using MonoDevelop, I am able to check out the directories correctly to a location. However, they are not "added" to the project / solution, and again, I need to add them, with the same lack-of-version control integration.
> What do you mean they are not "added"? added to the .proj file?

Yes, Once the checkout is complete, they are not included into the project - you need to add the folders and files manually. 


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