[MonoDevelop] New to Monodevelop - short WPF question

Jan Rothe info at nalamar.de
Tue Dec 18 13:45:03 UTC 2012

Hey out there,


as i renewed my Linux-PC i thought i give Monodevelop a try. Till  now i
just developed with MS and VS.

My project lives on git, so i cloned it and tried to open. After changing
Format-Version to 11 it works like a charm, more or less :D


The 2 apps, inside this project, written as wpf-app wont open with error
"unknown type", the Librarys and the Console app seem to work.


As far as i read there are no plans to bring wpf to Linux, am i right ?


As i dont want to Rip off the WPF-Apps cause i would like to play around
with WPF on Windows a bit more, adding 2 new apps to my project and transfer
most of the program logic to another library which are then used by the
Linux and the Win Apps would be the right way? Or is there a more smarter
way i dont see atm?


Hope you push me in the right direction J


Greetings from germany



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