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Thanks Mike!

I forgot to look at that folder because I found mono files in AppData\Local\MonoDevelop-2.8 as they should be. Isn't Roaming folder there only for compatibility reasons? (not sure now)
Anyhow, I have it backuped ;-)

>>A good start for a discussion.
Well, I'm not used to monodevelop deafult coding style. I needed to remove spaces before method call. I think it is not common at all.


Otherwise xml configuration is ok. My idea is that configuration should be a big tree and I would be able to export whole tree or only subtree/branch (as CSharpFormattingPolicy) to xml file.
It would be nice to implement common functionality for configuration export/import. For instance to place export/import buttons under the configuration tree explorer area. 
Plugins would put its configuration to the tree if they would be installed and user would have chance to export/import plugin configuration in a common way.
In the importing process, it would just replace values in the tree from xml file or create new tree node.

It would be also good to save configuration with the extension because now when you export e.g. Monodevelop theme, it is saved without extension and it is not possible to import it back.
Monodevelop needs theme file name ending with *Scheme.xml.


HiWe had that feature a while back, but it got cancelled - I'll bring it back on the table when we're about to improve the UI. For now you can back up the policy xml file from the monodevelop config directory (it should be stored there - search in ../appdata/roaming/MonoDevelop-2.8/policies).I've created more pre defined formatting and I hope to support all common styles.- A good start for a discussion. Should monodevelop stick to the mono style as default - or should we use another one? And if we do - which ?RegardsMike> > Hello, > > I created my own code formating style in Win7->Monodevelop>Tools->Options->Source Code->Code Formatting->C# source code->C# Format. > I'd like to export it to a file as a backup when I reinstall monodevelop etc. Is it ever possible? > I found policy exporting feature in Project->ExportPolicy or Tools->custom Policies. There is Export button which exports policy to file but file contains only text file policy and no Code formatting: > > 
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