[MonoDevelop] Code formating export

Mike Krüger mkrueger at xamarin.com
Sun Apr 15 13:43:56 UTC 2012


We had that feature a while back, but it got cancelled - I'll bring it 
back on the table when we're about to improve the UI. For now you can 
back up the policy xml file from the monodevelop config directory (it 
should be stored there - search in 

I've created more pre defined formatting and I hope to support all 
common styles.

- A good start for a discussion. Should monodevelop stick to the mono 
style as default - or should we use another one? And if we do - which ?

> Hello,
> I created my own code formating style in Win7->Monodevelop>Tools->Options->Source Code->Code Formatting->C# source code->C# Format.
> I'd like to export it to a file as a backup when I reinstall monodevelop etc. Is it ever possible?
> I found policy exporting feature in Project->ExportPolicy or Tools->custom Policies. There is Export button which exports policy to file but file contains only text file policy and no Code formatting:
>      190
>      4
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