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Joshua Granick bulkmail at joshuagranick.com
Thu Apr 5 23:48:35 UTC 2012

I am only using printf.

I am not sure if it is related, but there is an error that appears when  
the application is launched:

			"Couldn't set OpenGL mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual"

It's possible that its halting output when it reads this? I have a feeling  
that it is connected to the code that's outputting to the "Application  
Output" window, somehow:

			IConsole console;
			if (configuration.ExternalConsole)
				console = context.ExternalConsoleFactory.CreateConsole (false);
				console = context.ConsoleFactory.CreateConsole (false);

			AggregatedOperationMonitor operationMonitor = new  
AggregatedOperationMonitor (monitor);

			try {
				NativeExecutionCommand cmd = new NativeExecutionCommand (exe);
				cmd.Arguments = args;
				cmd.WorkingDirectory = project.BaseDirectory.FullPath;

				if (!context.ExecutionHandler.CanExecute (cmd)) {
					monitor.ReportError (String.Format ("Cannot execute '{0} {1}'.", exe,  
args), null);
				IProcessAsyncOperation operation = context.ExecutionHandler.Execute  
(cmd, console);
				operationMonitor.AddOperation (operation);
				operation.WaitForCompleted ();

				monitor.Log.WriteLine ("Player exited with code {0}.",  
			} catch (Exception) {
				monitor.ReportError (String.Format ("Error while executing '{0}  
{1}'.", exe, args), null);
			} finally {
				operationMonitor.Dispose ();
				console.Dispose ();

I wonder if the "console" is designed to output stdout only when the  
application is finished running?

On Thu, 05 Apr 2012 16:13:19 -0700, Jeff Stedfast <jeff at xamarin.com> wrote:

> Is the application's output somehow buffered?
> It should work fine if it is just using things like  
> Console.Write[Line](), but if it is doing something fancy with its  
> output, perhaps that is >breaking something?
> Jeff
> On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Joshua Granick  
> <bulkmail at joshuagranick.com> wrote:
>> If I run my application using a terminal window, I receive standard  
>> output while it is running.
>> However, if I run the application from MonoDevelop, the "Application  
>> Output" window does not update unless the application is closed. Then  
>> all >>the standard output appears at once.
>> I am digging into the internals to try and discover why the GUI is not  
>> updating. Is there something special I need to do to get the  
>> Application >>Output window to update continually?
>> Thanks!
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