[MonoDevelop] Update "Addin Development Basics" with new install path

Joshua Granick bulkmail at joshuagranick.com
Thu Apr 5 05:22:32 UTC 2012

Adding a symlink to that install directory has worked out well. I can  
close MonoDevelop, relaunch and have an up-to-date plugin.

It's been pretty difficult to find what I need so far, but aggregating the  
information I find online, as well as searching all the files in the  
MonoDevelop git repo, have helped me piece together how some of these  
things work.

I'm much farther along than when I dabbled in creating an addin with  
MonoDevelop 2.6 (I think?)... I've already got the custom languages set  
up, with highlighting, as well as my own project types and templates. I  
couldn't figure out how to embed resources into a project template, and it  
was difficult to find all of the variables you could use in templates  
(like ${Name} and ${ProjectName}), but the big things I need to solve now  
are getting my compilation to work, then investigating code completion.

It will be interesting to figure out, because code completion for my  
target language is provided by the compiler, so I don't have to write a  
lot of parsers to understand the language, but I wonder how that may mess  
with some of the conveniences MonoDevelop provides. For example, the  
${Namespace} tag only returns "Application", I assume because I don't have  
any parsers set up to know how the file names and directories relate to  
the namespace.

It would be great to be able to set up the project panel so that it  
automatically adds any files in the target directory as a part of the  
project. It isn't the biggest deal in the world, but its a nuisance coming  
over from other editors. I suppose I might be able to constantly poll as a  
part of my project somehow, or maybe this is a behavior that can be  
altered in the existing control?

By and large I've been enjoying 2.8 even more than my previous  
experiences. Excited to continue exploring support

On Wed, 04 Apr 2012 22:12:37 -0700, Michael Hutchinson  
<m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the heads up, I added a link at the top to a more up to
> date guide:  
> http://monodevelop.com/Developers/Articles/Creating_a_Simple_Add-in
> FWIW, with MD 2.8+ I'd recommend using the MONODEVELOP_DEV_ADDINS env
> var (as described at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9637994)
> instead of copying the dll into the install directory. I haven't had
> time to update the guides for this yet, since it does currently
> involve some manual editing of csproj files...
> -- Michael
> On 3 April 2012 20:56, Joshua Granick <bulkmail at joshuagranick.com> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I am trying out add-in development for MonoDevelop, and enjoy the "Addin
>> Development Basics" tutorial, but the install path is wrong.
>> In fact, it took a lot of searching to find this out. Even the "User
>> Profiles" article had the wrong install path.
>> I'm using MonoDevelop 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04. The install path is:
>>  ~/.local/share/MonoDevelop-2.8/LocalInstall/Addins
>> If the beginning articles could be updated to use the correct install  
>> path,
>> it would be very helpful. If you create a basic C# library and  
>> addin.xml,
>> and can't see it in the list of add-ins, it's very frustrating and
>> confusing.
>> Also, on an unrelated note, the passphrase for creating an account for  
>> the
>> MonoDevelop website is insane! It's good to keep out spam, but it took  
>> me
>> four tries before I got one right :)
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