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Just joined the list so forgive me if this question has been asked a 1000
times. :)

I am looking to build a Development IDE for Axiom Games,
I would prefer to use MonoDevelop as a base.

What I am hoping to accomplish is something like: (Visual Studio Isolated
Shell) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb685691.aspx

Basically use the core of the MonoDevelop as the IDE.
build all the editors, designers as AddIns. custom project formats etc.
And have starter projects as well.

I have pulled down the MonoDevelop source code and have looked at it.
But there is an almost overwhelming amount of exceptional work there to sort
through, and there is a lot that I can't find.

Addins, I am having a problem finding adequate and current examples and
Starter projects , how do I make and implement my own? generate my own
solution, product with files and pre-existing code.
Core, how would I be able to customize it and keep up to date with all of
your work, while I am pretty sure that I could use git to make my own
branch, but what to include what not to.

I really want to make it cross platform, and 100% open source. But I am
pretty much making it as a tool for me to use and share
not my focus as a project. I am hoping there is a way to make a MonoDevelop
Isolated Shell :)

Any assistance , advice you are willing to give would be appreciated.

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