[MonoDevelop] TargetFrameworkVersion and VS2008

Giacomo Tesio giacomo at tesio.it
Tue Nov 22 04:34:36 EST 2011

Hi there!

Is anyone looking at this bug:
http://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=826 ?

MonoDevelop (from master branch) removes the TargetFrameworkVersion from
.csproj when its value is v3.5 (the default for MonoDevelop).

This is becoming a big issue at our company when I use both MonoDevelop and
VS2008 and my collegues use VS2008 only.

I could fix the problem removing from
lines 934-937 (if not even 925-950), but since I don't grasp the value of
such line I suspect that there are deep reason (possibly related to the
various platforms that MonoDevelop supports) for removing such tag in the

Please help! :-D

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