[MonoDevelop] Commitin files from two different projects

Mathias Tausig mathias.tausig at a-cert.at
Mon Nov 21 07:06:15 EST 2011


No, that doesn't work for me. The 'commit' option in the solution only
shows the actual solution files, which have been changed (the .sln and
.userprefs files) but nothing from within a project.


On 11/20/2011 01:48 PM, Jose A. Salvador Vanaclocha wrote:
> I'm still using Monodevelop 2.2 and I have multiple projects within a
> solution. When I have done some changes into two or more projects and I
> want to commti those changes I do rigth click on solution in pad view
> and select version-control -> commit. The monodevelop version control
> plugin raise a tab with all changes in solution. Once there you have to
> select the files you want to commit.
> That's all.
> I hope this serves you.
> Greats.
> Mathias Tausig escribió:
>> Hello!
>> I am developing a solution with multiple projects in monodevelop-2.8.1
>> using subversion.
>> I often want to commit changed source files from two different projects
>> (e.g. a changed class and an adaptated test case), but I have not been
>> able two find a way to do this from within monodevelop.
>> Is that really impossible?
>> cheers
>> Mathias
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