[MonoDevelop] iPhone/Android app - how to add a project reference to a library (incompatible target framework)

Rob Wilson netplay at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 07:34:34 EST 2011

Hi all,

I am attempting to write my first iPhone application and plan to ensure
that the core code is reusable between the iPhone and Android projects.

I've created a 'Domain' library project, additionally a 'Core' library
project, both have the 'Target framework' set to 'Mono / .NET 4.0' with a
compile target set to 'Library'.

I then created the iPhone / iPad project and tried to link the projects
together (from within the iPhone project, right-click on 'references' then
click on the 'edit references' menu option), but within the Projects tab
 both of my library projects say 'Incompatible target framework:
v.NETframework, Version=v4.0).

I am using MonoDevelop version 2.8.2.

Google searches tend to indicate that I may need to manually link each
file?! If that's the case fine, but that does seem very primitive
considering that this is surely a common aim?  Am I missing something
obvious, or is this how it has to be done?

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