[MonoDevelop] MacOSX Lion + MonoDevelop 2.8.2 + Mono for Android not installed

Miljenko Cvjetko mcvjetko at holisticware.net
Tue Nov 8 07:04:25 EST 2011


see inline...

On 2011.11.08 12:31, Alan wrote:
> Hi,
> This is actually the most bizarre issue I've ever seen. The code path 
> which throws the 'Mono for Android is not installed' error is 
> *identical* for the case where you open an existing project and the 
> case where you start a new project. The first time the Mono for 
> Android code is touched, a static constructor runs which essentially 
> verifies that the file 
> "/Developer/MonoAndroid//usr/lib/mandroid/Mono.Android.DebugRuntime-debug.apk" 
> exists, which it does.
> However, if the file is *not* detected, then Mono for Android is 
> marked as not being installed and the information in the about dialog 
> will display "Mono for Android not installed", which yours does. The 
> code which populates the information in the about dialog is 
> https://gist.github.com/c29a1fd1aaf2bcbf2075 . The code which pops up 
> the error dialog is: https://gist.github.com/b34533235d56f4382e28 . 
> This variable is only assigned to once so it is impossible for you to 
> be unable to open an existing project and yet able to create a new one 
> unless something has gone horrifically wrong in Mono.
Our MacOSX guru took a bit time and deinstalled few things with 
AppZap... I believe only
Mono4Android and MonoDevelop.
Did reinstall and reboot after each install (just to be sure)...

Now I can open ApiDemo.sln (old solution) w/o problems and it runs...

Guru from above did fresh install of Lion, Xcode, AppleSDK and Monotouch.
I have continued (with heavy fighting with kbd shortcuts, inverse mouse 
scrolling) MonoForAndroid
installation, so it could be I did something wrong. I suspect that I 
tried to install more things
at once so installation just went wrong.

We'll keep You informed.

> The log file should be found at 
> /Users/moljac/Library/Logs/MonoDevelop-2.8/MonoDevelop.log . You 
> missed the 'Logs' part of the path when you checked before. I'd love a 
> log file from immediately after you try to open an existing project 
> and it fails and also from when you create a new android project and 
> it doesn't throw an exception.

Found it... Right now I'm on windoze box, so I'll send it tou You ASAP.

> If you can repeatedly get this issue when opening existing projects 
> I'll sort out a special debug build which contains *much* more logging 
> to try and figure out exactly what has gone wrong.

I believe this is not neccessary, because right now guys are testing and 
4th-5th solution
opened w/o problems.

But log will be sent to You...

thanks & regards


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