[MonoDevelop] How do I run monodevelop on Windows Vista system

Miljenko Cvjetko mcvjetko at holisticware.net
Mon Nov 7 01:40:42 EST 2011


Try opening some Visual Studio Solution files *.sln with right click + 
Open with.
See if there is MonoDevelop...



On 2011.11.06 18:09, Miles Rosenberg wrote:
> Dear Monodevelop community,
> Hi! I am a new user and want to run Monodevelop on my computer. I ran 
> the installer for both Monodevelop and Gtk#.  But no icon appeared on 
> my desktop or in the tray for monodevelop. So my question is: what do 
> I do now?  I tried to research the issue on the Web but could not find 
> anything.  Please help!  Do I have to re-install?  Thank you, Miles
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