[MonoDevelop] Creating addin which draws additional info in TextEditor.

Михаил Караяни michail.karayani at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 08:20:18 EDT 2011

Hi, everybody :)

I'm a newcomer to Mono and Monodevelop, so, please, try to be patient.

I want to write a simple addin for MD, but I don't know where to start
from. Addin google group almost dead, so I decided to ask here.
I wanna do thing like IntendGuide for VS2010
http://indentguide.codeplex.com/. I dug MD source code, but didn't
find any suitable
extension point for this. The only thing I figured out is that for
drawing in texteditor's area used different classes derived from
Margin (IconMargin, TextViewMargin and so on).
But this "margins" used only internal in TextEditor and I can't add my
own. Maybe I'm wrong and this is not the only one and right way of
such kind of functionality. I will be very thankful for any advices.

Best regards, ]:)-/<

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