[MonoDevelop] moving GUI app

Nils Andresen nils at nils-andresen.de
Mon May 16 01:33:04 EDT 2011


2011/5/16 Nikola Skoric <nskoric at gmail.com>:
> The question is: which files?
> Which files are relevant, and which are autogenerated?

most files are relevant. You can drop *.userprefs and *.pidb

> but that doesn't work because
> MonoDevelop on Windows says it can't recognise "using Gtk;"
This sounds like you did not reference gtk on the windows-side..

My advice would be to not copy source files between projects on
different machines - copy the whole project.
A better advice would be to get yourself a nice, free code hosting
provider (bitbucket, github, google code...) and share the whole
project between the two machines (and have one project, not two).


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