[MonoDevelop] Code formatting not doing anything

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Wed Mar 30 01:06:16 EDT 2011


May be because you're using a c# 4 feature - in MD 2.4 the formatting 
does nothing on those files, otherwise it would break them.
I strongly recommend using a 2.6 version - even if it's beta.

> Mono-develop list,
> I am trying to format a file of C# code using the "Format Document"
> menu command. I have set the solution level code formatting options,
> and the project level settings are "Inherit". However, when I choose
> "Format Document" nothing happens to the file. The code definitely
> does not conform to the style settings. I know that in the past this
> action produced results, any idea why it now seems broken?
> This is MD 2.4 running on Ubuntu.
> Matt
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