[MonoDevelop] Belarusian FAQ is machine-translated

Дмитрий dmymd at yandex.ua
Wed Mar 23 20:25:00 EDT 2011


I would like to inform you that the Belarusian translation of the MonoDevelop 
FAQ is most likely done by a machine translation.

It has numerous mistakes and is by no means a correct Belarusian.

The link to the FAQ is on the MonoDevelop site:

In fact, most of the translations on the http://www.movavi.com/opensource/ site 
seem to be done this way.

I suspect that the creator of the site wants to get inbound links in order to 
raise the rank of the site (that hosts some video-software) with the search 

Some examples of the current translation:

> * Для стварэння лепшых у сваім класе
> асяроддзя распрацоўкі для сістэм Unix для Mono.
“For creation of the best{plural} in its class development 
environment{singular} for Unix systems for Mono”.

“Лепшых/lepšych” (the best) and “асяроддзя/asiaroddzia” (environment) don't agree in case.

The whole sentence is not related to the previous. “To create” here should be 
translated with an infinitive.

“У сваім класе/u svaim kłase” is a literal translation.

> * З моманту свайго напісаны на GTK#, і нам
> падабаецца Gtk# і мы атрымаем добрую падтрымку
> ад Gtk#, хутчэй за ўсё, гэта будзе дадаць
> функцыянальнасць для паляпшэння Gtk# досведу.
>From the its moment{poetic} written in GTK#, and we like Gtk# and we recieve a 
good support from Gtk#, most likely, this will to add functionality to the 
making Gtk# experience better.

“Gtk#” experience is mistranslated, but I can’t recreate this mistake in English. :)

> * Мы жадаем, каб інтэграваць прылады, якія
> мы будавалі дагэтуль, таму рэчы, як MonoDoc,
> NUnit-Gtk і адладчык павінен мэтавы MonoDevelop.
“We want, in order to integrate tools, that we built before, that’s why things, 
as MonoDoc, NUnit-Gtk and debugger should{singular} goal{adjective} 

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,
Dmitry Kushnariov.

P.S. I would also like to thank the developers for all their hard work on the 
IDE.  ^^

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