[MonoDevelop] Seven MD UX questions

Steve Lessard s_lessard at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 00:32:44 EDT 2011

1. I added some bookmarks to my code in MonoDevelop. Now I would like to see a 
list of all the bookmarks. I couldn't find a pad for bookmarks. Is it possible 
to see a list of bookmarks?

2. I have three monitors on my machine. I've undocked several of MonoDevelop's 
pads and they are now "floating" on the various monitors. Floating pads are kind 
of a pain because they can't auto-hide or be tabbed like they can when docked. 
Is there a way to dock the pads into each other, but still outside the main 
MonoDevelop window?

3. Another window management question. The location of each undocked tab is 
relative to the main MonoDevelop window. When I move the main MonoDevelop window 
all the "floating" tabs move with it. This pretty much prevents me from 
optimizing the screen real estate because MonoDevelop can't be shuffled around 
so easily because those floating pads could end up off screen.  Is there a way 
to change this behavior so that each pad's position is independent of the main 
MonoDevelop window?

4. I use MonoDevelop's feature for creating custom views to customize the GUI 
depending on the task I am doing. Once in a while I decide a particular 
view/layout would be better if I tweaked it a bit. Once I do that how do I apply 
that layout change so is is saved to the current view?

5. Whenever I open a solution the solution automatically opens in the same view 
in which it was last used. Unfortunately if that view had undocked pads on other 
monitors all of the undocked pads will open on top of the main MonoDevelop 
window on the main monitor instead of opening in the expected location. If I 
then go an manually select the view the floating pads return to the expected 
position. Is there a way to get MonoDevelop to open the floating pads in the 
correct location without manual intervention?

6. At one point today in the Search Results pad (which was docked) I had three 
tabs, "Search Results," "Search Results 2," and "Search Results 3." I don't know 
how I got three tabs, but I like it. The problem is every time I search the 
results are sent to the "Search Results" tab. How do I direct the results to a 
different or new tab?

7. Whenever I try to open MonoDevelop's Help window to view documentation the 
window appears for about 1/2 second then disappears. How can I fix it?

Thanks for your help,
p.s. I tried looking up MonoDevelop's docs on the web for answers to these 
questions but there's not much documentation out there.

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